More PE YES, but not ONLY

Image - More PE YES, but not ONLY

author: Mikel Bringas, 

To increase the number of hours of physical education is a growing demand in our society. But is it the right request?

In the following video, one of the most prestigious researchers in Spain in the field of physical activity, answers this question "Why is it necessary to increase the hours of PE?".

The arguments exposed in the video, in my opinion explain the benefits of physical activity in childhood and youth, but does not answer the question that the video title expresses. PE is a very important resource for the promotion of physical activity, but it is not the only one, nor is it the only way to increase physical activity in the school environment.

When the increase in the number of hours of physical education is publicly demanded by organizations linked to physical education, or people close to this field, this being the one only request, in my opinion, weakens the strength and credibility of the request. I have heard some professionals argue that PE guarantees the physical activity of all people, due to the compulsory schooling in our society. But could this be achieved, for example, through physically active learning? In this regard, I encourage you to participate in this workshop.

In the next image we summarize the different ways to achieve more active schools, the increase in the number of PE hours being a necessary and very important option among them, but not the only one.

 Image - Eskola Aktiboak lortzeko aukera

Therefore, I think we should reorient the message, requesting more overall active schools that include more hours of physical education and other measures.

What do you think?