Videos of the conference in Valencia

author: Mikel Bringas, 

In April, a conference was held in Valencia that allowed us to learn first-hand about the different initiatives of what in Spain is called "sports recipe" and here it is managed through the physical activity guidance services.

This was the programme that reviewed the most important projects that are implemented in the autonomous communities.

In my opinion, the most positive aspect was the opportunity to listen and talk with the people who manage these programmes and analyse their similarities and differences.

On the other hand, it was a shame the conference only reached a limited audience. This is something we can correct with the publication of these videos.

I’ll finish here because I think the most interesting thing is to watch the videos and let everyone reflect on the learnings.


  • Cataluña: PAFES.Maica Rubinat
  • Extremadura: El ejercicio te cuida. Domingo López y Miguel Hernández
  • Murcia: Activa Murcia. Javier López


  • Galicia: Adestra a túa saúde. Iván Clavel
  • Andalucía: IPEFC – Ejercicio y Cáncer. Manuel Martín Olivera y Carlos Lloret Michán
  • País Vasco: Mugiment. Mikel Bringas
  • Madrid: Madrid puntos activos. Ricardo Navacerrada



  • Mesa de Comunicaciones presentadas en el Congreso. Moderado por Sacramento Pinazo Hernandis, Departamento de Psicología Social. Universitat de Valencia


  • Actividad físico-deportiva y salud. José Devís Devís Departamento de Educación Física y Deportiva. Universitat de Valencia
  • Comunidad Valenciana: VIUACTIU. José Luis Herreros 
  • Los fondos europeos en la prescripción del ejercicio físico. Enrique Lizalde. Consejo Superior de Deportes.



Presente y futuro de la Receta Deportiva en España

  • Participación ponentes jornada, Jose Devís, Ferrán Calabuig.
  • Moderan: Jose Luis Herreros (COLEF-CV) y Cristina Blasco Lafarga (FCAFE)