Basque surveillance system

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Mugiment Idazkaritza Teknikoa.

Image - Basque surveillance system

Mark S Tremblay and John J Reilly, world leaders in the field, in this article alert us to the seriousness of the situation.

Our children are the least fit generation of schoolchildren ever. This reality has direct consequences on their academic performance, on their current and future health, well-being and quality of life.

In the same way they warn us that if the problem is not measured it will not be considered, as it will be invisible. Therefore, now more than ever, there is a great need to assess physical fitness in childhood and adolescence.

We are analyzing the options for the creation of a surveillance system for motor and physical development in the Basque Country.

Here you can read the main ideas of the project and here you can consult the opinion of  Physical Education teachers.

To discuss the project, we will organize an online session (in Basque) on January 13th. If you want to participate you can do it through this form.

15:00 Mikel Bringas. Why a surveillance system?

15:10 Joseba Cantalejo. Survey results.

15:20 Discussion of the main ideas expressed in the survey.

15:50 Next steps.

16:00 Farewell.

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