Physically Active Learning Workshop

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Mugiment Idazkaritza Teknikoa.

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We will organize a workshop in which the teaching methodology called Physically Active Learning will be explored. The following are the details of the lesson.

For the creation of an active society the work done in childhood is essential. Likewise, joint work developed by agents from different social sectors is necessary. Through this initiative the departments of Health, Education and Culture of the Basque Government have acted in a coordinated manner and initiated the first steps of a path to travel together. In addition, Presentación de María School and Deporte para la educación y la salud have collaborated in the organization.

In this session, after explaining its context (active schools), a practical demonstration of how to teach mathematics and English in an active way will be offered.

For this, we will have the English expert Bryn Llevellyn of the Tagtiv8 project, who will offer his experience and knowledge to the teachers of our schools.

Although you may not work in a school, Mugiment promoters are also invited to participate in the workshop, as we understand that it can be useful for general reflection regarding the promotion of physical activity. All information requested in the registration process is necessary. Those who do not work in a school please choose the first option in the questions for teaching staff, and in the notes section write your job. 

Where and when

Presentación de María school, Gasteiz, May 13th.

How to get there walking (14 min) and cycling (5 min) from the bus station.

For whom

  • Specifically for English, maths and PE primary teachers, but can be useful also for secondary teachers.
  • Head teachers.
  • Mugiment promoters.


Basque and English.


9:30 AM Auditorium

  • Welcome. 5 min.
  • Oportunities to create active schools. Mikel Bringas. Sports Manager Basque Goverment-Mugiment. 15min.
  • Schools recognition. Rafa González de Txabarri Deporte para la educación y la salud. 10 min
  • Physically Active Learning video: 12 min

10:30 AM Gym

  • Examples of active exercises to learn English and mathematics: Bryn Llewellyn Tagtiv8 90min.

12:15 PM Auditorium

  • Q & A with Bryn Llewellyn Tagtiv8

13:00 PM Farewell


  • Free
  • Until the capacity is reached

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