Eusfit Mugiment, member of Fitback

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Mugiment Idazkaritza Teknikoa.

The Basque Government, through Eusfit Mugiment fitness monitoring system, has become a member of the European Fitback network.

Fitback is a European project whose mandate is to advocate for, and provide tools that will allow examination of population health trends, the effects of national fitness policies and interventions on child health at the local, regional, national and European level. Fitback will enable the prediction of future trends in population health by relating health risk to physical fitness status. The Fitback network has been developed in collaboration with 10 European partners who have been measuring physical fitness assessment in children and adolescents for a long time. This network is coordinated by the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport, Slovenia which has more than 30 years’ experience monitoring the physical fitness of all school children in the country every year.

The FitBack network has welcomed us into its working group and brings experience and knowledge in all aspects of monitoring physical fitness in childhood and adolescence. There is much we can learn from other countries that are far ahead of us. Thanks to the Fitback network for their great support and to Jonatan Ruiz and Fran Ortega for encouraging us on this path.