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How to take part?

Participation in the Mugiment project is open. Any organization that works in favour of the promotion of physical activity can join Mugiment and become a project promoter.

To participate in Mugiment only two conditions need to be fulfilled:

  • The organization must promote initiatives aimed to achieve an active society (related to any 24-hour movement option: physical activity, sedentary behaviour or sleep). Some of these initiatives can be, for example, the guidance services and local networks or Kiroltxartela Mugiment.
  • Let us know its interest in being a Mugiment promoter.

It is recommended to the promoters to show their participation in the Mugiment project. This can be done in a general way (for example by displaying the Mugiment logo on its website) or in the information referring to any of the initiatives it promotes.

If your entity also wants to participate in Mugiment, we look forward to your request and you will receive the welcome to the project