Physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle are global problems that also affect our society. The World Health Organization offers us the World Recommendations on physical activity for health.

Among the initiatives that pretend inactive become active, there are two that deserve to be highlighted: Mugiment networks and physical activity guidance services (see their location).

Mugiment networks are intersectoral working groups, whose objective is the promotion of physical activity. These networks have a local scope and among their components there must be some entity that is a Mugiment promoter.

Mugiment networks are a priority within the Mugiment project. They can be the basis on which to organize the rest of the proceedings. People from different social fields, and who are in permanent contact with the community, can give us a more enriching and comprehensive vision of the reality and needs of inactive people.

Physical activity guidance services are a resource that inactive people can go to receive the necessary advice, guidance and accompaniment from an expert person who will help them improve their physical activity habits, until they are done regularly.